The largest part of the Sopron wine region is made up of Sopron and the area around Lake Fertő. Sopron is a city with a rich historical, cultural and architectural heritage. Since Celtic times, the area has been dominated by a unique natural environment with vineyards. Serenity radiates from every corner of the region. Calm, but not standstill. Even the birth of Sopron wine is accompanied by constant movement. In the vineyards, winegrowers respect the poncichter tradition and work incessantly like their ancestors, who were once grape and bean growers. In autumn, the blackened bunches of grapes are usually taken to the centuries-old cellars beneath the family houses to be vinified. In Sopron, it is no coincidence that the “cellar row” lies beneath the medieval town. During the stormy centuries, poncichters wisely thought that they could keep their precious wine safer within the city walls, while wine lovers did not have to go far when they got thirsty. And the poncichters, who had Bavarian ancestries, used special signs to help guests find their way around and find the wine they wanted. These are still visible in Sopron. But this is not the only special feature of Sopron, besides its wines. Its history is just as fascinating, and you can discover its relics on guided tours. The city was once home to the coronation and the parliament as well.

It has the largest number of monuments in the Hungarian countryside, with a cavalcade of styles that will enchant you. The winding streets are lined with Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque buildings. Here you can find the crowning Goat Church, the world-famous house of Liszt Ferenc, or Sopron’s emblematic building, the Fire Tower. An easy walk from the city centre to the Lőverek district, with its excellent climate and spa status, reveals another face of Sopron as a town that heals people. Not only here, but also in the area around Lake Fertő we can find a good number of wineries. Different characters and new exciting sights. The Esterházy Castle in Fertőd, the Széchenyi heritage in Nagycenk, spa in Hegykő and in Balf, bird and sunset views over the water of Lake Fertő.