Presentation of the wine region

Long before the Romans arrived, the first vines were planted by Celtic tribes in the Sopron area, and thus began a story that spans thousands of years and is steeped in legend. If you are now visiting the Sopron wine region, you are in the fortunate position of being plunged into the exciting plot of the latest chapter in this history book. One by one, the wine region reveals its new and long-forgotten treasures. The special character of Lake Fertő, its world heritage and national park sites, its birdlife, which is becoming increasingly famous and popular across Europe, and the terroir surrounding the lake are just some of them. Walking through the wine region, you will be amazed by magnificent castles. You can also discover cellar systems hidden under 6-700 year old houses.  In the depths of the cellars, there are wines with unmistakable character. Choosing the right wine for your cultural programme will bring you even closer to the complete harmony. Experience the unique harmony of the wine region, with humanity at its heart. Get to know not only the landscape, the memories of our past or our traditions, but also the people who live here. A good conversation over a bottle of wine or a meal of local gastronomic specialities can be an excellent way to do this. On the wine region’s cycling and walking trails, or on guided tours through the narrow streets of the downtown area of Sopron and Kőszeg, historical figures and legends come to life.  The combination of all these gives the Sopron wine region its incomparable charm as a humanistic, slow region.